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ERGONOMICS The new robot from Hexagone is a robot intended for professionals with large pools. It is mainly suitable for all professionals with a swimming pool open to the public. (Hotels, condominiums, camping, municipal swimming pool, etc.). Its design makes it capable of cleaning pools up to 25 meters. The robot sports a magnificent black carbon-style shell with a handy floating grip handle. The SPOT 100 robot is very easy to get out of the water and weighs only 9kg. The self-floating cable is very substantial since it has a length of 30 meters! Note that the robot is guaranteed for 2 years, excluding wearing parts. The SPOT 100 is delivered with a cart, which makes it very easy to transport. NAVIGATION Its movements are ensured by an exclusive navigation system called Aqua Positioning Technology (APT), which consists of a gyroscope, compass and two infrared sensors to define its trajectory and self-configuration to clean the pool. With its powerful latest generation algorithm, the SPOT robot always knows where it is in the pool, and climbs up all forms of slopes and basin types constantly optimising its program for a uniform passage over the bottom of the basin. The cleaning system is therefore one of the best on the market. This robot also takes care of all surfaces: floor, wall and water line MECHANICAL Automation, The robot has two tracks and 4 drive belts all easily replaced during service. The SPOT robot is driven by 2 planetary gear motors, giving it a formidable longevity. The engine has a cooling system ensuring long cycles without problems SUCTION SPOT's specifications make it simply the best in its class. The PVA or PVC brushes work extremely well and the impurities are filtered by two separate bags, which is a very unique point, the filtering plate has 2 types of filters, a particle filter and a larger debris filter, so as never to saturate and allow an optimal cleaning with each passage. The robot also has 2 soft bristle brushes on the each side, designed for cleaning the base of walls and to help agitate algae, The cleaning result is excellent on a 25-meter pool. The Cleaner also has a full filer indicator on the electronic box. ELECTRONIC'S The SPOT 100 robot has an IP44 waterproof case, Splash resistant It can be fixed onto a wall or mounted to the trolley. The user interface has induction buttons to combat premature wear and ensure perfect sealing. The choice is given on the control box to start the robot in automatic mode with immediate start or timer delayed mode, there is also a turbo express cleaning mode for faster cleaning than usual. The SPOT robot comes complete with a radio remote control with a range of 30m, there is also an option to turn the spot 360 degrees for complete on the spot cleaning. . Finally, it should be noted that the SPOT robot is equipped with a 110-220V / 24V automatic switching power supply, equipped with a fuse against voltage surges. SERVICE The SPOT 100 robot benefits from all the experience of the famous robot manufacturer HEXAGONE MANUFACTURE, European leader in the cleaning of public swimming pools. With on-site after-sales service in 55 countries around the world, the SPOT robot will never let you down CONCLUSION In conclusion, we can only recommend this robot designed and manufactured in France for professionals. It is undoubtedly the most efficient on the market in its range, while being very easy to use and very intuitive. This is undoubtedly a new benchmark for the world of collective swimming pools.

Spot Robotic Cleaner Hexagone Manufacture


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