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Chrono 510 MP3 (L)

CHRONO 510 MP3 (L)

The Hexagon Chrono MP3 L robot cleaner has been designed for all professionals requiring optimal cleanliness of their pool up to 33 m. The professional robot Hexagone Chrono MP3 L has been designed to ensure longevity, functionality and robustness. Equipped with a stainless steel chassis guarantees 7 years against corrosion, the professional robot Hexagone CHRONO MP3 L is synonymous with solidity. Equipped with large bi-material brushes to ensure perfect adhesion on any surface it moves very quickly (10 meters per minute). Effective, he will remain merciless towards all the impurities he may encounter. Featuring excellent cleaning capacity, it comes with a 33m cable of up to 50m on request and as an option. Its movement is managed by a microprocessor and its patented navigation system ''Magellan'' allows it to move in cross. The robot can get out of the water effortlessly thanks to the drisse attached to the robot using the radio control. The cable in specific material designed to be resistant but above all easy to wind and pleasant to the touch. Reduced maintenance thanks to the reduction of wear parts, small maintenance very simple to carry out by the users of the pool.





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