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Quick Vac' Classic

  • The Quick Vac' manual pool vacuum is the ideal solution to clean public pools. This type of vacuum features a filtering bag integrated into its pump, making the Quick vac totally independent to the pools filtration system. Light and practical, it efficiently vacuums all impurities in a limited time. You can easily clean the pool from the pool border.  
  • No need for hydraulic or electrical connection. Power is supplied from the battery with a 3-hour working span or directly from current supply use is a option. Easily put into place and simple to use urgently in the case of an emergency clean.The Quick Vac‘ pool vacuum can adapt to any kind of pool maintenance. It has the ability to work in relatively shallow water, contrary to the majority of classic pool cleaners. The use of the Quick Vac' pool vacuum is the ideal complement to an independent electric pool cleaner.

Optimal cleaning in shallow water
- Contrary to classic electrical cleaners, Quick Vac' is operational in shallow water without the risk of pump damage. 

- It can clean pools with a minimum depth of 15 to 35cm of water, depending on the model you choose.  

- Quick Vac' is the ideal solution for cleaning the shallow water in paddling pools or fountains. The Quick Vac' is equally suitable for traditional pools.

- Its 4 wheels pivot 360° coupled with its suction head cleans every corner of the pools with ease.  

Material without Constraint

- The Quick Vac' is easy to use. It is put into action in less than 1 minute and its filtration pump is self-priming.  

- Using the integrated filter bag (capacity 4 kilos), the  Quick Vac' collects all dirt and debris without losing suction power. Its use does not require water to be disposed of into a drain. Filtered water is directly recycled into your pool water, avoiding all waste.  

- The pool filter is not used and so does not require a backwash

- Its integrated filter is easy to maintain. Easily removable, simply rinse in clear water.

Quick Vac' : 3 Performant Models

To correspond to the needs of each pool, the Quick Vac’ exists in 3 models :

- Quick Vac’ Classic : Cleans quickly and efficiently all pools with a minimum depth of 35cm whatever their dimensions. Easy to use, this model's working speed and suction power are widely appreciated.  

- Quick Vac’ Fountain : This vacuum is specifically designed for paddling pools and very shallow water (15 cm minimum), in which electric pool cleaners cannot function because of lack of water. 

- Quick Vac’ XL : Powerful and efficient, this model is specifically recommended for large public pools in situations such as hotels, campsites or aquatic centres. Its suction width is more than 1 metre, creating a fast, full clean of any pool with a minimum depth of 35cm.

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