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Peps 300

Robot pool vacuum cleaner Hexagon Peps 300
- The Hexagon Peps 300 pool vacuum robot is equipped with a high-performance Metro NAV navigation system. In 45 minutes, it
effectively cleans a 25m swimming pool.Equipped with an infrared system for obstacle detection and a gyroscope for movement, the Peps 300 Hexagon robot vacuum cleaner is specially designed for cleaning flat or gently sloping basins of up to 20° and all types of coatings.

- Comfortable to use, thanks to its multifunction radio control with a range of more than 50m, the Peps 300 is also equipped with a touch dashboard that allows the management of the various parameters.

- In color, this dashboard offers the choice between a delayed or immediate departure and different cleaning modes.
The confirmation of the orders made as well as advice are issued by voice speaker.
A special water outlet handle facilitates its maneuverability.

Innovation and efficiency
- Made in France, the Hexagon Peps 300 pool vacuum robot offers exceptional durability. The robot is in direct propulsion with the drive motors. Significantly more reliable, the number of wear parts is reduced, thanks to the direct propulsion technique with the drive motors. The anti-twist system prevents the cable from twisting. The Peps 300 robot is tested more than 600 times before delivery. 

- Its industrial and hyper-resistant bag traps impurities homogeneously. The bag does not pierce even if you suck pebbles or other sharp objects. The pump has a suction power of 37m³/h and a quality of 4 filtration finenesses (75, 105, 250 or 1000 microns) to suck hair, leaves, algae, dressings, chewing gum, sand ...
Delivered with its painted stainless steel trolley, the Peps 300 electric robot goes into the water independently.

- The Hexagon Peps 300 pool vacuum cleaner ensures perfect cleaning thanks to its filtration power.
The water circulates at the speed of more than 600 liters/minute. The active brush rotates 3 times more than the robot's movement, which allows the Peps 300 to catch any particles, whether fine dust or large leaves. 

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