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Spot 50

 Robot Spot Pro 50 Hexagon
- Cleaning of swimming pools with this Robot Spot Pro 50 Hexagon.The Hexagon robot for the bottom and walls up to 20 m long.
One of the best cleaning robots for public pools.The new robot from Hexagone is a robot for professionals with large pools. It is mainly suitable for all professionals with a swimming pool open to the public, Hotels, condominium, camping, municipal pool, communal pool. Its design makes it capable of cleaning basins up to 25 meters. The robot sports a beautiful black carbon shell with a handy floating grip handle.


- The Spot Pro 50 robot has an IP44 waterproof housing, resistant to splashing water. He attaches himself to his cart or to the wall. It has a human/machine interface working with induction buttons to combat premature wear and ensure perfect sealing. The choice is give on the control box to start the robot in automatic cycle, immediate or delayed departure and also has a turbo express cleaning mode for faster cleaning than usual.

- The Spot robot also has a remote control with a range of 30m, ensuring the direction of the robot via the operator but also the triggering of a Spot Pro 50 360 degree cleaning allowing the robot to clean a suction movement for example. Finally, it should be noted that the Spot Pro 50 robot is equipped with a 110-220V/24V switching power supply, equipped with a fuse against voltages such as during a thunderstorm for example.

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