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Malaysian Swimming Pool Association

We are one of the member of Malaysian Swimming Pool Association.

Why and What is Malaysian Swimming Pool Association ( MSPA )?

"This elevation of the city and thus Malaysia has resulted in an increasing proportion of Condominiums, Town Houses and Resorts demanding swimming pools, spas and water features and all of these to International standards.

Corresponding growth in the middle class sector has increased the potential for domestic pools, many of which are under control of Architects and Engineers – the same professional bodies that award the Contracts to the Commercial sector.

It is timely then to follow the lead of swimming pool oriented countries such as the USA and Australia. Their pool industries long ago set up their own self-regulating organisations to act for the common good of pool builders, manufacturers, retailers and service operators. This of course meant presenting and conducting itself as a credible, professional and well disciplined body, with its own standards as to ethical behaviour and trade practices.

The result in each country has been most effective, to the extent that membership has been a very successful tool in presentations to decision makers as to awarding of pool contracts. In those countries the pressure of an Association Logo on a pool builder's letterhead of quotation is not only something to be proud of – it gets business. Malaysia is ready for such an organisation.

Any Association must have its own clear operating guidelines – "Rules and Regulations", to ensure the appropriateness of its Membership and to justify initial efforts required for its formation. This requires keen interest and commitment from a certain number of individuals and this is the reason for calling together people who have this common interest.


To Create A More Cohesive And Responsible Industry By Putting In Place These Strategies:-

• To work together for mutual benefit and act as a co-ordinated body in dealing with other professional bodies, i.e. Architects, Engineers, Developers, Government Agencies, within the Building Industry itself. This will enable the swimming pool building industry to speak with a stronger voice.

• To improve the standard of the Industry and to encourage research and development of new materials, products and methods.

• To uphold the concepts of free enterprise and service to the client.

• To co-operate with and assist where possible, all levels of Government and relevant professional bodies in their dealings with the swimming pool industry and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

• To act fairly and properly at all times towards fellow members of the association.

• To act in a professional and unbiased manner when called upon to advise, consult or take any action in relation to products, services or works on behalf of a client, Therefore, to always operate in a manner that will present the swimming pool industry in the best possible light."

* Article and information from http://www.mspa.org.my/ *

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